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Catholic Regional College Sydenham has been serving the local parishes for decades, delivering exceptional outcomes and the care and education that our amazing students deserve.

Working in a senior secondary environment is both challenging and exceptionally rewarding. Adolescents are finding their own way as they prepare for the life ahead of them. With half of our student cohort new to the College each year, we work with each individual to ensure that their hopes, dreams and aspirations are valued and hopefully realised

It's a winner of a course

Recognised as a world leader in this area, the provision of VET at the College has seen the our mantra of Every Student Every Pathway become a reality with more students gaining entry into tertiary courses and higher training.

Every pathway is valid and must be nurtured, and in doing so the expectation that every student will achieve his or her best must be the norm and hence develop into reality.

The dignity and respect for every person within our community underpins all we do as a community, working collaboratively to assist each member of the community to achieve their hopes, their dreams and their aspirations.

Welcome to Catholic Regional College Sydenham.

Brendan J Watson OAM

Applications are now open for Year 11 2024