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Learning Support at CRC Sydenham

CRC Sydenham provides a variety of learning support programs.

Program Support Group (PSG) meeting and Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs)

Students with diverse learning needs are supported through Program Support Group (PSG) meetings and Personalised Learning Plans (PLP). PSG meetings typical occur every term and are a way for the Program Support Group to discuss, implement and review educational adjustments to the student’s learning program. These may include modified learning tasks, modified assessments, the level of one-on-one support and special provisions for SACs and examinations. Personalised Learning Plans consist of a series of long-term and short-term goals designed to address the student’s learning needs across the curriculum.

Additional academic support

For eligible students, VCE Group Support (VCEGS) is a class which is designed to facilitate more direct one-on-one assistance for students who require additional learning support. Additionally, a team of Learning Support Officers (LSOs) provide in-class one-on-one learning support for students with diverse learning needs. LSOs also make contributions to PSG meeting. 

Students Services

Students Services is located near the college green, above the Manna restaurant. The services provided by Student Services include: learning support, careers and course advice, counselling, cognitive and academic assessment.   

Special Provisions for VCE examination and SACs

Some students may be eligible for special provisions when sitting SACs and examinations. These may include rest breaks, extra working time, access to a computer, access to a separate room or access to a scribe. For more information visit the VCAA website - special provisions.

Careers Department Statement

“Every Student, Every Pathway”

Catholic Regional College Sydenham understands that every student is different and as a result, we offer individual and focused career development services for all our students. The college has two career development practitioners, Josie Albano and Danielle Supernak.  Our careers team are accredited in a number of online vocational assessment tools such as Career Voyage, My Career Match and Morrisby Online.

Whilst Career Development an integral part of our Pastoral Care Program , we also offer our students the opportunity to meet with a careers practitioner in a one on one capacity throughout Years 11 and 12.  We assist students with subject selection process at Year 10, right through to the VTAC course application process at Year 12.

Our Careers team hosts an annual Careers Expo, workshops to assist with post school options and a well-maintained and supported Careers Hub, which is conveniently located in the Student Services Building. Students are encouraged to visit the Careers Office and access printed material and can also email staff for an appointment on

Structured workplace learning

Structured workplace learning provides students with the opportunity to integrate on-the-job experience with secondary study. It is delivered as part of either the VCE VET studies or VCAL, It provides:

  • enhanced skill development
  • practical application of industry knowledge
  • assessment of units of competency
  • achievement of some learning outcomes for VCE (VET) studies or VCAL units
  • enhanced employment opportunities.

In all VCE Vet programs SWL is strongly recommended. Several VCE VET programs have a mandated SWL component, you should check with your trainer for these requirements.  The SWL requirements are expressed in hours and weeks and are expected to be carried out over the two year minimum of VCE VET Programs.

Students who undertake VCAL as their senior secondary certificate are also required to have a work placement, which they must organise. Work placements are ideally linked to the VET Course they are studying. Students studying in Year 10 or Year 11 must first undertake and complete the unit in Work Related Skills before they can go out into placement. Placements are for a total of 20 weeks. After which the student is required to find placement with a new employer unless it is part of their VET course and they will be learning new areas, in which they can apply for an extension but a new contract needs to be done.

Students should refer to their trainer or VCAL work related skills teacher for further information.

Counselling Support at CRC Sydenham

The college provides a comprehensive counselling service, staffed by registered psychologists with postgraduate qualifications and a number of years of experience in working with young people and their families. Our two psychologists, Sharae Coughlan and Jessica Caddaye, provide onsite counselling for students who are experiencing social, emotional, or mental health challenges. The psychologists can also conduct educational assessments, and routinely work with teaching staff to develop individualised support plans that address both educational and wellbeing needs of students.

The information shared in counselling is private and confidential, and can only be disclosed to another party when there is a risk of harm, a legal requirement, or if the student has given consent. As far as possible, any potential disclosures are discussed with the student beforehand and made in a collaborative way.

Students can self-refer to the counselling service via email or SEQTA direct message, in person, or by filling in the appointment request form available at the door of the psychologists’ offices, which are located in Student Services (above Manna). Teachers and parents can also refer students for counselling support. Parents are encouraged to call or email to discuss any wellbeing concerns they have for their child.


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